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Understand the what and why of reading difficulties and how to solve them.

so that you can…

Teach children to LOVE to read

Join Kamash Kriah and become the sought-after Kriah teacher who gets 96% of struggling students to read joyfully.

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Reach more children, see greater progress, and get quicker results

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Kamash has completely transformed Kriah in our school!

Mirele’s innovative ideas and skills helped our Kriah teachers be more effective and her involvement has been a game changer for our struggling students. I highly recommend her course!

Y. Rabinowitz
Y. Rabinowitz

Bnos Hadassa, Kriah Director & Reading Specialist


The Kamash course is highly valuable for every Kriah teacher.

It teaches all aspects and details of the foundational skills needed for reading. The method is fun and creative, one that students love! Every child deserves to read well, and the Kamash course can help you to make that a reality!

Devorah Badil
Devorah Badil

Director of Kriah, Amsterdam Jewish School


It was the first thing that worked.

We have been getting our students help in Kriah through Mrs. M. Margulies over the two years, and we have seen great success b”h.

L. Wagshall
L. Wagshall

Hanhallas Darchei Noam

It is hard to watch a child make his painstaking way across the page.

It saddens you to hear his silent scream for help.
It pains you to feel his despair.
And it burdens you to know that his future depends on you.

You want to teach. You want to reach,
You want to look him in the eyes with confidence and say,
“Together, we will get there. You will read. I will show you how.”

Reach more children,

see greater progress,

get quicker results.

If you are a
remedial specialist

and have tried Orton-based methods, motivational prizes, and heartfelt prayers...

If you are an

and want to teach, to reach, to impact, influence, inspire, and earn...

If you are a
classroom teacher

and want to have a toolbox with creative ideas and innovative games to help reinforce Kriah rules...

You want to know how to address the whole child without making a hole in his self esteem…
You wish for the know-how to zero in on root issues and how to work with them…
You want to learn it once, learn it all, and do it right…

Kamash Kriah is the course for you!

Did you ever ask...

Kamash Kriah has the answers.

Kamash is different.
With Kamash, you make a difference.

It is the intervention method that a.c.t.u.a.l.l.y. works.

Kamash teaches you how to...

Recognize auditory issues

And teach auditory discrimination using fun “break n’ make” word exercises

Discover word retrieval difficulties

And use language-based and multi-sensory activities to build new neurological pathways

Identify visual perception issues

And learn how to improve the five visual perception skills

Because when you have clarity, understand the root of the problem, and remediate successfully, you can really…

Teach children to LOVE to read.

But, what makes Kamash really different?


We use a mind-body approach

Broad spectrum

We take all learning venues into consideration


We ensure the child is a success from the first day on

Customized remediation

Every child is unique. Every lesson is mapped out to meet the child's personal needs.

Positive association

Lessons are kept short and are carefully balanced so that children always look forward to coming again

Fast results

We use midline exercises to speed up the process. Most children are reading effectively within five months.

Effective reading requires the perfect synchronization of multiple brain functions. To achieve maximum reading success, the Kamash method strengthens neurological pathways and improves visual, auditory, and overall cognitive function.

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Reach more children, see greater progress, and get quicker results

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Her approach is comprehensive and gets to the root of reading issues. Mrs. Margulies comes with a deep understanding of the many functions, both visual and processing, that enable a child to read. I have personally worked together with her on many children and can vouch for her treatment methods. Developmental optometrists should all be privileged to work together with reading specialists such as her.

Tuvia Gilbert, OD

Developmental Optometrist


I had the pleasure to work with Mirele for many years now. Mirele has helped so many children and has positively changed so many lives. It is rare to find a person who has the clinical expertise to understand the complexities of perceptual and processing skills, and yet still has the ability to relate to children and empathize. Mirele works with her heart and will try her utmost for each child.

Dr. Clyde Alexander

Alexander Kobrin Optometrist


I have seen the Kamash approach in action. It is not just about kriah itself, the Kamash-trained practitioner has a broad view from where they can structure their session to accommodate a range of challenges the child may have.

Avremi Rosenberg

ADD/ADHD coach

Kamash Kriah Games

Who is behind ?

Hi, I'm Mrs. Mirele Margulies, Kriah teacher with 15+ years of experience.

I find Kriah to be a work of art, a work of heart.

I don’t do long boring sessions.
I don’t do monotonous drilling.
I don’t do same-sames that are meant to work for everyone (or are they?).

I know that a child doesn’t outgrow a reading deficit. I invested the past 16 years in researching and learning gold standard strategies from top-notch professionals around the world, such as Dr. Alexandra Kobrin (vision specialist, UK), and Dr. Gad Douer (special education trailblazer, Israel).

Innovation excites me. I have trained in and researched important learning philosophies from internationally recognized names such as Feuerstein, Montessori, Zobin, Felman, Unger, Blau, and neurocognition specialists.

I am passionate about providing what children need.
I am passionate about helping children succeed.
I am passionate about…

Teaching children to LOVE to read

Here's how Kamash works

Course syllabus

Module 1

  • The Kamash method
  • Understanding dyslexia

Module 2

  • Informative assessments
  • Responsive learning plans

Module 3

Visual Perception
  • Visual perception issues
  • Visual recall
  • Visual focus issues
  • Visual exercises for improved

Module 4

Auditory Skills
  • The relationship between auditory skills and Kriah
  • Auditory memory issues
  • Auditory processing strategies 

Module 5

Attention Deficit Disorders (ADD/ADHD)
  • Limitations and implications of ADD/ADHD
  • Necessary accommodations for the ADD/ADHD child
  • When and how to refer for help

Module 6

Foundations of Kriah
  • Aleph Beis: the multi-sensory approach
  • Nekudos and word building strategies
  • Understanding and remediating speed and accuracy
  • Kriah rules with reinforcement skills
  • Orthographic skills for fluency and comprehension

Module 7

Reading Comprehension
  • Effects of accuracy and speed on comprehension
  •  Comprehension strategies 
  • Reading rate age-appropriate norms

Module 8

Crossing Midline
  • “The Door to Learning” method
  • Therapeutic tools
  • Brain gym exercises
  • Balance and core muscles training
  • Synchronization of bilateral movements

Module 9

Reading Comprehension
  • The triangular whole-child approach
  • Understanding emotional blockages
  • Prevention and intervention
  • Magnet therapy

Module 10

Lesson Planning
  • The how-to of lesson planning
  • Assessment driven remediation plans
  • Integrated learning and playing
  • Common problems and solutions

Course details

Field work

Students complete weekly assignments and receive personalized feedback on their work.

Live videos

All classes are followed by videos of real-time work.


30-minute live Q and A sessions. Email and phone support is available for up to three months after the course is completed.


Students receive a curriculum outline prior to each session and handouts with all student exercises.

One-time investment


Or 6 easy payments


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Reach more children, see greater progress, and get quicker results

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I made back the full cost of the course within my first three months of work!


I have taken many remedial courses, but none were as practical and hands-on as Kamash.

Rivky R.

Enroll now and receive a 

Free Bonus Package

Two additional Q and A sessions

Biweekly phone conferencing

Kamash exclusive Kriah games

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$1400 value

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Reach more children, see greater progress, and get quicker results

Choose a payment method

Our sacred promise to you...

We bring you the latest techniques and strategies backed by years of research. We are always here for you. If you discover after the first session that this course is not for you, we will refund you in full.

To help you fulfill your sacred dream.

You want to positively impact a child’s future. You want to learn about the what and why of reading difficulties and how to solve them. You want an all-inclusive toolkit that can save you from researching and preparing lessons from scratch.

You are invited to join Kamash.

You are invited to…

Teach children to LOVE to read!

You're almost there

Reach more children, see greater progress, and get quicker results

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I’m ready to start working- confidently. Anything Kriah related was new to me, and yet, now that I’ve completed the course I feel confident that I am ready to start working.


The course is so amazing and thorough I really feel like I gained more practical knowledge than all my years in college.


The course is academically loaded, but also fun and engaging. I have a wealth of knowledge at my fingertips and access to an incredible amount of resources: activity ideas, games, and worksheets.


For six years, we tried everything- different methods at different places. Mirele was the first one to impact my daughter’s reading. I then took her course after hearing that there are no courses like this one, and I must agree! It’s comprehensive, all-encompassing, and never boring.

Mrs. L

The course is so amazing and thorough I really feel like I gained more practical knowledge than all my years in college.


Questions people like you asked

I took so many courses already, do I still have what to gain?

This course is based on years of experience with the best methods and creative solutions. There will definitely be new material, new ideas, and new insights that you will appreciate learning.

I’m a classroom teacher and not a remedial teacher, is this course for me?

The intervention techniques are designed for 1:1 teaching, but the games and creative activities can easily be adapted classroom use. Additionally, you will learn to identify red flags before they mushroom into full-blown difficult to reverse issues.

I don’t know anything about Kriah, won’t it be too much for me to join a group with experts?

We use a bottom-up, A-Z approach. Beginners are encouraged to spend more time reviewing the materials between sessions. And – I love new sponges 🙂

Is being a remedial teacher a lot of preparation?

In the beginning, yes. But you’ll have a full arsenal of tools, an incredible resource book of cheat sheets, a range of unique Kamash games and activities, and plenty of hand-holding and support until you get into the flow of things.

How will I get students?

Times have changed. Stigma is something of the past. Parents today are extremely willing to send their children for Kriah help. Hence, the demand is huge. Kamash students have a name for being expertly trained and are sought-after teachers.

Do you offer group rates?

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Reach more children, see greater progress, and get quicker results

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